theRe are many rumours abound regarding the origins & whereabouts of SiNuS BRaDy : not much can be proven with hard-rote fact : but this much can be said of the man, the enigma :::

  • we know that SiNuS BRaDy is a database administrator and a poet
  • he works on a workshare | contracting basis for the AiiO Corporation
  • he is a strange mntherf*cker


SoMe quick internet reseach wilL vaguely confirm that SiNuS BRaDy was born in Croatia in 1959 to the parents Czeslaw and Heidi BRaDy. Czeslaw was a coal miner of 100 percent Albanian descent. Heidi — a strange mix of Swedish, Lithuanian, Italian, Chinese and Native American — was a dental assistant in a nearby village. Upon the birth of SiNus, Czeslaw and Heidi refurbished their luxury outhouse to accomodate for the quickly-growing infant.

While in gradeschool, SiNuS discovered the joys of creating long lists. He sometimes organized these lists into tables and loved to find relationships between items in the lists. He also, at a very young age, began to develop a love of poetry. He would ofttimes go into the woods after school sessions in the afternoon with his schoolteacher Ms. Peckerall to birdwatch and spy on the other children. The 2 would then proceed to make fun of his schoomates by carefully constructing very wordy, organic verse. SiNuS preferred to keep his style free of rhythm, Ms. Peckerall was more enamoured by iambic septameter and the villanelle. Arguments would occasionally flair up regarding their differing views on rhythmic device as it pertains to modern poetry composition.

Later on in his gradeschool career, young SiNuS began to experiment with calculators, VIC 20s, primative TI computer-like devices and nippleclamps. He patented an early version of 'flavoured floss' and made a bit of money from his invention. But, alas, not enough to fully launch the experimental science & engineering laboratory [ fla = esel ] he so longed to construct. Disappointment only kindled the fire of SiNuS strange little imagination.

:: SiNuS ViSiON ::
At a very young age and also during gradeschool it was discovered that SiNuS suffered from acute vision problems. Czeslaw did all that he could to assist in provisions for bi-focals and other spectacles for young SiNuS — but alas — modurnday technology did not allow for sufficient remedy to his blurry outlook on life.

Regardless of his distorted view on the world, SiNuS continued to rather unemotionally explore his desires and curiosities and soon came down with a touch of chlamydia.


:: HaikuMachine ::
By the time SiNuS graduated on to Junior Highschool — our young, rather academically-astute anti-hero had begun to develop concepts for the creation of various rather frivilous desktop applications. One of these applications, simply called The HaikuMachine, was SiNuS' attempt to win over the affections of Rebecca Dumont. Becca was a cheerleader for the chess club and intramural extreme spiked frisbee soccer [ as well as the varsity football team ]. When asked to reminisce, SiNuS has been quoted as saying, 'Those were some wild time, yes? Rebecca was very delectable to me. She had these big glasses, and she was quite stacked. She was studious, but also had a heart-shaped ass you could bounce stuff off of. I was really deeply in love with Becca.'

Unfortunately for SiNuS, Becca was in love with the captain of the varsity football team, Stanley. When he found out that Becca had been pursuing Stan in matters of love, SiNuS devised a plan that he thought would stop any serious dating, and therefore hopefully any heavy petting that might come with those sorts of arrangements. SiNuS designed a series of bumper stickers and an anti-love marketing camapaign against Becca's love interest. Young BRaDy began posting personals in the junior highSchool newspaper, taking on the persona of Stanley, declaring the captain's unrequited love for the football team's tight-end. He began drawing pictures of Stanley in various disgusting poses with teammates and taped them to the inside of the junior highSchool boys' room handicap stalls for lighthearted bathroom reading. He passed notes to his colleagues in the mathclub — and thereby spread rumors that Stanely had slept with the entire football team in a hazing stunt to gain the status of captain with the team. Needless to say, SiNuS' attempts not only made him out to be a 'silly duck', but also estranged the poor boy from the small group of friends he had.

SiNuS gave up on further romantic pursuits of Rebecca by the culminating year of junior highSchool and devoted his studies to computer science and advanced eastern poetry composition.


More mythery to come, after these messages.


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