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February 5, 2007 — we have just discovered that a number of spam emails have come from within the building ... OEE is working to investigate the matter at hand, whether the evil spammer is a double agent of Z21 or if perhaps this is a rogue spammer, working to infiltrate Operation Enduring Email to give us the bad name

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several high officials in Z21's Evil International Spam Coalition apprehended and interrogated ::
May 20, 2004 — Operation Enduring Email, SiNuS BRaDy's government-subsidized program to stop spammers on an international basis and level, apprehended 7 high officials in Z21's eIS Coalition early this afternoon in a trailerpark in Danvers Massachusetts. Anti-spam forces crashed through the plywood-boarded front doorway of the motorhome at 26 Daisy Way at the 'Happy Village Park' off of Newbury Street Route 1. 'Several pre-teen skateboard enthusiasts dressed in muted-color t-shirts were apparently all coding away on Gateway laptops sitting Indian-style in the center of the trailer. All were facing a central spot, most drinking Code Red Mountain Dew and eating coffee beans. One of them was apparently doing French homework — but I think we know better than that,' said an unnamed oeeAgent. 'He was obviously working on the virus application to attach to the infamous 'was it your libriarian?' spam campaign — now hitting Portugal and Trinidad email addresses. These kids are real stinkers — and we're gonna stop them.'

'I think that these youngsters are not only responsible for several very dangerous spams that were recently sent out,' said Sinus Brady. 'But I think they are also responsible for several AOL-based spims that are really clogging networks at a fierce rate. It's just the horrible.' Sinus stares at the ground with a sad eNess about him and then adds, 'But it was this spims that led us to the IP configurations discovered on this trailer. Sooner or later, crime begins to not pay again — no?' A bit of pause. 'We are now questioning the one called G07, as he seems to have a certain resilience to him, and he seems to have the most piercings too. A very suspicious little fncker.' ::



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