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another spammer caught red-handed ::
April 30, 2004 — Operation Enduring Email, SiNuS BRaDy's government-subsidized program to stop spammers on an international basis and level, has apprehended spam suspect B12. B12 is thought to be Z21's closest ally in the recent evil plots to bring the corporate world to a hault using email technological overload. 'I found him casually walking around Davis Square, looking for a good café with a wifi connection, laptop slung over his shoulder,' said Mar Von Janko, assistant deputy to the Massachusetts branch of OEE, 'I wasn't about to let him get away.'

Janko followed B12 for approximately 33 minutes throughout the square, and waited for the spammer to settle in at the Starbucks just down the street from Buck A Book and the Somday. 'I knew he wasn't a Dunkin' Donuts person. His car is too fancy. I thought he might prefer a decent latte from the Someday or a similarly reputable independently owned cafetorium, but I never thought he'd be a Starbucker.' MVJ nods in contemplative disappointment.

'I saw him setting up, logging onto his MSN Hotmail account. He appropriated some imagery from a few sites like MessyFun and bn dot come, put together a quick HTML email in Frontpage,' Janko looks up as if praying to the eGods, 'and then proceeded to upload files to a server in the Philippines. He cut and paste the HTML into Hotmail and was just about to click 'send' when I jumped up and slapped the cuffs on him.'

B12 is being held at the Somerville Police Headquarters on $5,000,000,000 bail. When asked about the accusations, B12 remained silent and wrote a note requesting the return of his laptop. ::


new victories for oee ::
March 26, 2003 — SiNuS BRaDy's government-subsidized program to stop spammers before clicking 'send', Operation Enduring Email, captured a another local person accused to have spammed over 12,000 US netizens last year. A nameless 72-year-old bolivian senior citizen, residing at Happy Acre Iinn located in Beverly, Massachusetts, was found found guilty of mass-distributing the spammail message ‘take a look at this one - will ya’. Cleverly disguising his name as 'hotpants susan' { & sometimes as 'day Z duke 69' }, the senior citizen was caught red-handed, with right index finger ready to trigger the blast. The message — of course — promises to offer 'more information about how the end-user can make millions of dollars by working from home on odd tuesdays — raking in the big-bucks — no? Want to know more — click here'. SiNuS says that 'Any end-user that proceeds to click will then be redirected. Wham zip bang — there you are on a website filled with close-up nipple-piercing photographies — not exactly the money-making opportunity we had hoped for — eh?' Needles to say, the Beverly swat unit # 5271 broke into the Sunnydale Happy Acre Inn Retirement Home and hauled the dirty spamster away for questioning & torture. OEE will stop the spam! ::


Z21 Update | whereabouts unknown ::
March 33, 2004 — OEE still has no clue on the whereabouts of Z21. 'We’ve captured G29 and F22 — very closely linked to Z21 and his evil spamming coalition,' said Peter Jones, outsourced OEE coalition unit member, on location in Medford, Massachusetts. 'So far they [ G29 and F22 ] have not given any accurate details of where Z21 can be.' Updates to follow in the weeks to follow. ::


SIT Under Development ::
The [ SIT ] spam identification test is still being developed as we speak.
OEE aims to educate, identify & eradicate — because education is always approximately three-quarters of the problem. ::


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