Project 001. ! Click the fisH ! version 1.0 ::: >>>
originally this officetime diversion was only available online through my web diaries : as of 2004, the Sinus Brady Organization, in conjuction with BijaXOuS suPpleMente, proudly offers Ctf version 1.0 as a downloadable desktop application ::: there is no official installer — so you are pretty much on your own my fine netizens ::: >>>

click the fish instructions :::
guess a # from 1-10 ::: click the fish ::: in maNy instances you wilL lose ::: much fun for the entire workplace — & also a friendly reminder of the way things seeM to go in general throughout corporate america :::

upcoming features :::
nonsensical score tracking feature that seems to have no correlation to the end-user to screeN guessing gaMe success or failure of the player ::: points wilL add or subtract independent of winning or losing each round of click the fish ::: telL youR friends ::: play the gaMe ::: click the fish :::

::: download ! Click the fisH ! now | ~ 1MB Zipped files :::


Project 002. HaikuMachine ::: >>>
5 | 7 | 5 — 24/7 ::: that's right — HaikuMachine delivers the goods around the clock & all year round ::: you want haiku — you got 'em ::: online, automated, and absolutely free ::: >>>

although HM was originally intended for dynamic haiku generation on the end-user's desktop — the delicate & somewhat pensive online experience aims to satisfy :::

simply click on the initial imagery & proceed in a linear fashion to explore a haiku experience like no other ::: babbling brooks an far eastern music play as the database fed backend assist in the instantaneous creation of the classic haiku form ::: click on 'r' in the footer area to randomize your eHaiku experience ::: click on 'L' to visit links about haiku :::

enjoy :::

::: visit HaikuMachine now | requires frames + flash :::


Project 003. Behavior Modification
Development Research Group ::: >>>
you are being watched — live, online experiments track to see what you do | how you behave online — it's fast & easy & it's alL automated for public consumption ::: >>>

BMDRG — in it's initial development stages right now — features a simple point & click online survey question ::: responses are being tabulated and will be fully documented through our BMDRG electronic engine :::

future possible enhancements will include live, online eScience professionals w/ video feeds of the BMDRG development laboratories — data visualizations & behavior reports available for download & distribution — further history & explanation of the organization with complete mission statement & whitepapers — online news updates of projects in development — BMDRG survey archives :::

::: visit the Behavior Modification Development Research Group online now | no particular browser or plug-in requirements :::


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